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Very good points, I just need to find them when I'm in a hot-blooded debate.

I tend to go for the easy, childish options, like "Sarkozy, p'tit zizi" (Sarkozy, littl' dick, with word-pun on the -zy/zi).

I also came up with a few childish slogans for Ségo(lène) Royal, though not yesterday but a few days before that, when discussing the CPE with friends:

"Ségo c'est pas macho" (Ségo is a non-macho choice)
"Ségo c'est plus rigolo" (Ségo is a more fun choice)
"Ségo c'est pas Sarko" (Ségo is not like voting Sarko)
"Ségo c'est plus fort que toi" (derivation of a 90s cult French advertising line for Sega: "Sega, it's stronger than you")

But my adversaries were as likely to appreciate those as Bush is to regret invading Iraq, so it was to no avail.

by Alex in Toulouse on Mon Apr 10th, 2006 at 02:20:09 PM EST
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