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For a sceptical note on Prodi from the real left -
Prodi's record is not so nefarious and crooked, but is hardly more encouraging. His free market reforms, pension cuts and labour market deregulation, were what caused the RC to split from the centre-left coalition in the first place. A former EU Commissioner, he supported all the necessary neoliberal measures to get Italy into the Euro. As EU head, he led the charge for neoliberal reforms across Europe, encouraging would-be entrants such as Poland to slash protections for labour. When France rejected the EU Constitutional Treaty, he was the first to bemoan what he called the "fall of Europe". He has pledged to cut unit labour costs, mainly through tax cuts for employers, and is committed to 'liberalising' key markets. The modest welfare improvements he proposes (perhaps difficult to fund if he intends to cut taxes and the national debt), are intended as part of the neoliberal policy mix to underpin liberalisation by alleviating some of its costs. This happens to be almost precisely what is recommended by international capital and its paid monkeys (economists).
by Colman (colman at eurotrib.com) on Tue Apr 11th, 2006 at 04:32:06 AM EST
Lenin is a known Eurosceptic (more British than the British), so he exaggerates, but it is true that Prodi's record as PM is not too good, he provoked the Rifondazione Communista rebellion by violating the coalition pact, and that his tenure as Commission President didn't have many positive reforms (then again, his hands were tied, blame the Council).

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international capital and its paid monkeys (economists).

That's a nice touch.

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