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I found an English version of the election law on foreign voting. They way I made sense of it (counting is governed by Articles 15 and 16), the overall 3% margin doesn't hold here! So South America seems set to send one Senator of an ex-pat party.

But what really gives me a headache is the distribution of seats in the two-seat regions. If I got the method right, the following strange thing happens:


  • L'Unità got 53.4%, vote x 2/100% = 1.068, gives 1 seat and a fraction of 0.068 remains.
  • Second-placed Forza Italia got 24.1%, vote x 2/100% = 0.482, no seat given immediately.
  • The highest fraction that remains is Forza Italia's, so Forza gets the second seat!...

North and Central America:
  • L'Unità got 37.81%, vote x 2/100% = 0.7562, no seat given immediately.
  • Second-placed Forza Italia got 30.56%, vote x 2/100% = 0.6112, no seat given immediately.
  • L'Unità has the highest fraction that remains, so L'Unità gets both seats!...

If this isn't bizzarre then what.

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by DoDo on Tue Apr 11th, 2006 at 04:36:51 AM EST

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