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I can see on La Repubblica's site that it's, for the Senate:

Europe (453 out of 479 counted):
53.0% Prodi vs 24.4% Berlu => +2 seats for Prodi

Asia/Africa/Oceania/Antarctica (107 out of 113 counted):
46.1% Prodi vs 35.6% Berlu => +1 seat for Prodi

America Settentrionale e Centrale (92 out of 100 counted):
37.8% Prodi vs 30.6% Berlu => +1 seat for Prodi

America Meridionale (182 out of 204 counted):
31,6% Ass Italiane, 29.3% Prodi, 11% Berlu => if I interpreted de Ghondi correctly, the Ass Italiane get nothing as they are below a national 0.4%, being present only here, thus the +1 seat goes to Prodi?

So Prodi wins all overseas senatorial seats, which makes him win the senate => was 154 vs 155 before, now becomes 160 vs 155.

Since Prodi also wins la Camera, it's a good day after all.

Morality: Italians abroad are massively against Berlusconi, is it because they do not watch Raï TV?

by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Apr 11th, 2006 at 05:13:23 AM EST
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