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And I won't be the one to call foul here: improving teaching and health has my blessings. Although the other side of the story is the oft remarked injection of more and new manager tiers into the NHS (and what about schools?) Although I believe this is more Metatone's beef than it is mine.

The hypocricy, though, comes when the UK is touted as a "booming" economy, while its plummeting unemployment number is covered by increased public jobs. Again, I find nothing wrong with public jobs - as long as it is spend wisely. But freemarketistas (to generalise) shouldn't use the number as fodder that the Anglo-Saxon model trumps any other economic configuration while Blair and Brown practically betray the ideology they seem to pursue... And according to TGeraghty, the same is true for the US - but there the defense sector takes much of the public spending pie. Now there public spending doesn't seem the wisest solution...

by Nomad on Tue Apr 11th, 2006 at 06:11:06 PM EST
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