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Another point - driving home from work I was thinking about this, and had an idea about the following point:

"You have to attack their symbolic universe using their symbolic terms and, at the same time, create your own alternative symbolic universe. Both. So we need so called "infiltrators" too. There MUST BE TWO myths proposals completely different (you have to know that the target audience is different)  coming from the roots. One with our own universe, one with them. About their universe.. it is very easy .. you have to turn the tables around."

I think we're beginning to see this with the efforts of the religious left in the US speaking out about issues like climate change and poverty, and telling their Christian bretheren in Christian language that if you're for a "culture of life" that includes life after birth as well.  This message will play better with American Catholics than evangelicals - Catholic bishops spoke from 1980 to 2000 in just such terms, as reflected by Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago saying that Catholic pro-life policies of all types needed to be a "seamless garment."  Of course, since then many of the Catholic bishops have swung right as well, but the concept is still sound, and is an example of a useful wedge that can be applied to the right.  If American Catholics would look at their own theology more closely they would see they actually have few points in common with the fundamentalist extremists.  Unfortunately, while John Kerry was aware of this, he never brought that message home, perhaps because as a New Englander he had that region's reluctance to wear his religion on his sleeve.  (A tradition that actually has roots going back to the cultural aftermath in New England to the Salem witch trials in the 1600's, and still was clearly present in Hawthorne's writing almost 200 years later - but then, Hawthorne was from Salem itself and had ancestors involved in that unpleasantness...)

What we've been viewing politically as a short-term "wedge issue" may in some cases be useful long-term in eroding solidarity on the right.  The right is a master of this - look at how, in response to the new-found political voice of the Latino population in the US, they are currently using job insecurity as a wedge between Hispanics, blacks, and poor whites, who might otherwise find solidarity against big business.  The American left awaits a leader who can point this out for all to see.

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