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Excellent comment, and I think you're dead right. Perhaps there is a slight misunderstanding (not your fault) about Jérôme's and my contribution above, in that we suggested and bolded themes that look as if they are finished slogans. We've all seen, in the American left blogosphere, endless frustrated discussions of the type: "The Dems should say this... We should say that...", and our points above might have appeared to fit roughly into that category.

But I believe Jérôme (and I'm sure in my case) meant to suggest a basic, essential point on which we needed to found our thinking and discussion. As I said, we need to redefine the notions of wealth and value. The other side's trick, as you say, lies in

using a discourse to evangelise a value system.

The religious hint there is not misplaced. We are talking about generalized myths and belief systems. Turning them upside down is a work on a par with creating a new religion. We need to start at the bottom and define a new system of value and wealth, then articulate it into discrete elements and metrics. What I think Jérôme and I were suggesting, and you in fact took up and moved forward, was that we should look at the twin foundation of humanity and the planet as reality-based sources of a new narrative.

Pace kcurie (I'm thinking of his citing the tree falling in the forest), when the planet goes kaput, it will be for real, and screw perception. There's also a question about how much oppression people can bear without noticing they're unhappy. (It's only a question, I admit). But I think it's an advantage we have that the ruling economic dogma today is not reality-based. We can debunk it through the attack prong (this system is specious, it exists only to enrich a tiny number), while offering a new, reality-based version of value that may encourage our base and (sigh, the religious analogy again...) make new converts.

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