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If you just wrote this manifesto down, I'm amazed. It's huge, kc. Yesterday on a thread I said we were inching towards the moment when we could create a new narrative, and here you've offered us a leap forward, thanks so much.

There are a great many points there that matter, and nothing I disagree with. Just to say that people fixing (or not quite fixing for some) the symbolic structure that will determine their political and social attitudes is not a process that occurs in a void. Children, teenagers, young adults, don't snatch myths out of thin air. The surrounding culture, the zeitgeist, have their effect, and the mass media play a more or less "activist" role. There are reinforcing feedback loops: to take the Hitler example, Hitler did manipulate German opinion, but he only reached a position to do so because he articulated with bizarre precision what Germans wanted to hear (mostly a result of a particular historical situation). The difference with today is that conventional wisdom about the power of economics and globalisation seems to me to have been more deliberately fabricated from the mid-seventies on. In other words, think tanks and media, with big money to back them, have trumped what used to be the zeitgeist. And now, those who are forming their symbolic universe are learning from... you guess. In other words, there's a lot to fight against...

Hmm. That's confused stuff... Perhaps something clearer later...

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