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Of course people have the right to develop their own systems or choose to believe in whatever version that is on offer. As far as people who insist global warming isn't happening, we might think they're in denial, and therefore not especially easy to deal with. And we don't have to persuade everybody. We're not totalitarians. What we do want is at least to level the playing field, rather than take the flow of non-reality-based nonsense we're subjected to now. Level the playing field and perhaps start winning the game... ;)

Yes, you're right about subjectivity, as I hinted at in another comment below: we need to examine

the base of what is false about the current economic "wisdom" and what seems to us (can't do better than that -- but either we try, or we don't) true about the real state of economic relations.

There's another reason for trying to stick as close to reality as possible, and that is that the other side really does have the communications clout to explode in short order any notions we might put out that are one-half as phantasticall as their own. Something that's too far removed from reality, as DoDo points out below, just isn't going to work.

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Something that's too far removed from reality, as DoDo points out below, just isn't going to work.

Indeed.  As "stable money" spouting financiers discovered in 1929, as Republicans are starting to discover re: Iraq, and, I'm afraid, as American and Chinese Pollyannas are going to learn if and when the dollar starts sliding down (though here I tread quickly into waters that go over my head.)

In the end, reality always catches up and sorts the less reality-based myths from the more reality-based myths.  However, in the process, bad things like wars and depressions all too often happen.

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