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we should concern ourselves with the 'external' agents at the stage of myth-building.

Agreed, and this is what I understand brunoken, ThatBritGuy, and I were saying above.

As you point out in your asteroid example just above, there are mythologies that work insofar as they satisfy people by their explanation of Why? and also may offer hope, reassurance, etc, but that will not stand the test of the asteroid that strikes (or the revolution that doesn't work, to bring things into the political sphere). We are not out to build that kind of myth.

We do have tools (myth-based perhaps, but efficient) with which to describe and predict what is happening (and if "happening" is a solipsistic illusion, I don't care, since I'm going to go on doing what I'm doing anyway ;)) and we should use them. Our interest is in a compelling narrative, not one that takes advantage of people's gullibility and/or distress.

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