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And now we have the notion of the Economy as a kind of Moloch, something that is not "the collective benefit of the people as a whole" but a deity that the people must serve, propitiate, and sacrifice to.  If the people are too comfortable, too well-off, it is bad for them and they must be punished/disciplined to remind them that their happiness is not the point.


the brass tits of moloch are where they suck their metallic milk.

great deconstruction, jerome! you are on to them...

i can't believe how schizzy the economist is on burlesquoni; they really want it both ways.... first he's a mafioso crook, now prodi is portrayed as impotent because of his coalition being potentially too conflicted to permit efficient government.

they should be ashamed of their puerile analyses, and it's great that you're holding their feet to the fire.

thank god that the people are smart enough to see this as destructive to their happiness, and vote and protest accordingly.

last night i watched wall street journal on fox...what a bunch of slimy creeps.

then a show on cnbc i am left gobsmacked by: the mclauchlin group.

i heard that in california folks watch the british parliament as cult comedy, which i can well believe...a kind of political 'monty python'!

well i watch the mclauchlin group for the same reason!

newt gingrich is always on, that poster boy for dyspepsia.

the funniest part is how effing rude the host is to his guests...autocratic isn't strong enough a word.... he's BRUTAL!

newt is slapped down royally, and has to suck it up, hilarious!

the woman from newsweek says some good stuff, watching her get interrupted and shouted down by the wingnut factor is quite revealing, as they can't sit and let her come out with her 'heresy', even though she maintains good manners as much as possible.

i cheer for her.

and how it makes me appreciate the finesse of the bbc talkshows in comparison!

you know, nuanced questions and unfailing politeness to the guests, silly stuff like that.

my fave is stephen sackur....hardtalk is pure pleasure with him at the wheel.

the tom 'someone' who started the show,( i forget his surname now) was a tad too abrasive for my taste, but he's doing a great job with the doha debates i've been lucky enough to catch a couple of times.

stephen sackur is perfect, polite, super astute, well-informed, and while respectful to the bigwigs he interviews, remorseless in his penetrating questioning.

my dad always read the economist. i always found it the voice of the 'little grey men' even though its coverage of world affairs was frequently better than the competition.

the burlesquoni report was a pleasant surprise, really; i would have expected them to have endorsed him for his money worship.

i guess they do have some standards sometimes, though this steaming c**p you sliced and diced is absolutely predictable.

ugh! they must really think we're stupid.

meanwhile the ads for folly continue... yesterday i heard the ad for the new mazda co2 spewer.

the man's voice states he has no bonds to tie him down, he's independent, free (of friends or conscience i guess), but he loves his new car, etc, etc.

f'ing lunatics.

more blabber how filling your average petrol tank has gone to E65 instead of E60, bla bla bla, and how someone should do something for the poor consumer, oil breaks the $70 barrier, with no descent in sight, and the solution (changing our energy sources) staring us in the face, and no-one in power vigorously doing anything about it.

i shudder to think what insanity kids are being taught in business school.

is man's folly so infinite?

i feel like i'm in some alternate reality, and so i come again to log on to see a little sanity...thank god for ET!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sun Apr 16th, 2006 at 05:37:06 AM EST

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