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I don't think it's anecdotal that I know several young couples with children who can't find a house to buy in this zone 40-60 km out of Toulouse -- not at a price they can afford and would normally have been able to find six or seven years ago.
Sorry to interrupt but this is a trend I think everywhere in western world. As I have heard in that same UK they are now offering mortgages for 130 years (?!?)...here in Australia they are about to "invent" dual ownership (your bank and you just for the piece of price you can afford) etc. I can't find cheep house (or land for that matter) even 400-500km around Brisbane and Brisbane was almost "country town" 8 years ago not to mention it is in Australia that is right in the end of the world...and there is soooo much land here...

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by vbo on Wed Apr 19th, 2006 at 10:29:21 AM EST
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