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I concur with several of the comments posted here. As an American Jew with some family who didn't escape from Poland during the Holocause, I believe that any documentation refuting anti-semitic denial about the Holocaust is important. Especially with the genocide we have today in Darfur and the past decade in Rawanda and Bosnia. We ignore genocide too easily.

As for the Holocaust, too much of the world forgets how important that was to creating the State of Israel. Too much of the world forgets that nobody else in the word, certainly not the continent that allowed six million Jews to be exterminated wanted the Jewish people in their countries.

I am quite critical of much of Israeli policy regarding the Palestinians. The violence has too often been gratiutious and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is illegal. But I also believe that much of vitrolic critcism of Israel is also gratitutious and reflects a double standard. Many of the same countries in Europe and elsewhere are guilty of far worse crimes because of greed while Israel tries to survive in a very hostile neighborhood. Israel is reviled by many simply because they're Jews living there. And Jewish people know that if Israel is eliminated many people will simply look the other way if a "Final Solution" to the "Jewish problem" is ever conceived again.

Hence, from my perspective these documents need to be released forthwith.

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by Intrepid Liberal Journal on Fri Apr 21st, 2006 at 08:05:42 AM EST

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