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Yes, you are right. It is the Attack leader that I had in mind. He is the one that claims to have found the root to all Bulgarian problems -the gipsy minority. Also Siderov (the name of the party's leader) truly believes that he has, too, found its solution. He believes that their eradication would redirect the unnecessary funds spent on them toward other sectors of the economy. I see that it is so much easier if one can put a face on a problem, a face that is alive and breathing, but I hope that none of those who voted Siderov truly thinks that gypsies are the real problem of our society. It seems nicer to kill them all instead of trying to integrate them and allow them take their share in our progress. Nevertheless, hatred makes people do strange things.

I am sorry about the confusion I have created. It is Siderov who wrote the book I mentioned. The man you are speaking of is a member of his party. I hope the chief prosecutor deprive him of his immunity so that he can be sentenced.

by Harlem on Fri Apr 21st, 2006 at 01:07:12 PM EST
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