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I see how the "argument fits their political agenda "works. In my country, the leader of one of the populist parties (I call it extreme rightist) some time ago has published a book. I happened to have the opportunity to read it. It was full of historical distortions. It not only denied the Holocaust, but went even further saying that it was the outcome of a conspiracy plan designed by Israel and Germany. Unfortunately, he found quite a number of people who believed him, having in mind that the party managed to pass the election threshold (which is 4 percent) with five percent.It is not that he used the holocaust "lie" in his election campaign, but surely some of his most extreme ideas, such as the elimination of the gipsy minority stems from it. As far as "the young educated Muslims who are hopefully open to reality" are concerned, I do hope that you prove right. Although I think that they should first get the necessary information that is to enlighten their delusion. It is in that part that I think they may face a problem, especially if the freedom of speech is monitored and filtered, which would inevitably obstruct the dispersion of those facts.
by Harlem on Thu Apr 20th, 2006 at 07:35:26 PM EST
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