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It is a difficult subject: as a writer, one depends on having at least one character with whom the audience can identify, and therefore care about what happens to them. In this movie there is not a single sympathetic character. They're all nuts.

I'm afraid I cannot agree with you. In the history of literature, there are tons of books where one cannot identify oneself with a single character, because each of them has at least a major flaw. In my view, this makes the characters of LoW credible. Indeed, I am not sure whether the topic addressed by the movie would have been compatible with a black and white portraying.  
It is true for popular fiction that this need for identification conditions the success of a book, but not for any kind of fiction work. It is hard to identify with any of Dostoïevsky, Gogol, Tolstoï, Steinbeck or Gide characters, to mention only a few. Same works for a movie.

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by Agnes a Paris on Tue Apr 25th, 2006 at 05:43:20 AM EST
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