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To my detractors:


> Nobody really cares, much less the police? It is
> business as usual? Are you sure? Does it reflect your
> personal experience?

Skins are present pretty much everywhere in .DE, arguably they are a "product" of socioeconomic problems affecting the country. They are people with problems, they cause trouble. If somebody cared, they would stop organizing in the ways they organize. I simply believe in the adage that in politics nothing happens by chance.

> There are no no-go-areas in Germany.

For less-than-white people, obviously there are no-go areas.

> The CDU didn't say that.

Well, yesterday morning there was a handsom young blonde guy identified as "Mediensprecher/CDU" saying exactly that in N-TV.

> Because the crime committed (attempted racist murder)
> undermines the basic order of the country.

In the past there have been many racist incidents in .DE including violence, sometimes resulting in deaths, where the Generalbundesanwalt did not get involved, at least in the conspicuous way as with this incident. Just remember some years ago when a home for asylum seekers was burnt down resulting in the death of a whole family, where the neighborhood just stood watching in delight and the firesquad arrived hours late, or the case when tv showed how skins/neonazis were hunting "brownies" down the streets ? Did Nehm, or whoever had the job back then, get involved publicly ? I don't remember so, but please correct me if you know better.

> Attempted racist murder is not 'every day stuff' in Germany.

Racist attacks obviously are, murder or grave cases like this one may be an exception.

> What do you mean by "under control"?

That these people would stop organizing in the way they do, that the people who give the scene training, infrastructure, money, etc are also taken out. We have a rightist scene here in .AT too, but we do not have the proliferation of violent gangs.

> Your assumptions are wrong.

So ? Why exactly ?

> Skins don't have money. All they get is free beer (on
> the house) at NPD meetings.

Skins get far more than free beer. I have many friends here and in Germany who get free beer (or payed-for beer) and who do not organize in gangs to commit violence.

> Terrorist organisations? How so?

They are terrorists because they use violence and intimidation to pursue political ends (or what they hold for politics). When I checked last, that was the operational definition which "western" regimes to define what a "terrorist" is. Do you object to my including them in the category because they are white and not muslims ?

> The German govtmt does not support terrorist groups.

Yes, they do, as do most "western" govts do. They are just more discreet about it than the americans.
Example ? Look over at cryptome to understand how infiltrated the IRA was/is to realize that the brits could have wiped them out anytime they wanted, but chose instead to keep them going for decades. I conjecture the situation of the skin scene in Germany is analogous. You may also want to read Andreas von Bülow's first book re. the weird and unbecoming things govts do.

And, if you know so much about skins, please write something here for those of us who do not.


Israel Shamir is the name of that "jew converted to catholicism" you refer to. Apart from his bad taste in religion matters, what I say as a lapsed catholic, I mostly concur with him. What makes him so "anti-semitic" is that he a) dares to take a critical look at the crimes of his own, akin to the stance of germans (and more-or-less austrians) when looking at the nazi crimes, and b) because he calls for one state for all peoples on the land instead of the hare-brained "two-state solution". Hannah Arendt, who dared to look at how the zionist international sold out their own to the nazis and other betrayals, could not be labeled "anti-semitic" because she never renounced her faith, but instead she was ostracized and labeled a "self-hating-jew", her books were not translated to hebrew until the 1990s. Now, MarekNYC (and the rest of the bunch), if you call me an "anti-semite" with Shamir, please do so, but never do so without Shamir.

In any case I enjoy reading Shamir's texts and can only recommend reading them. FWIW he, along with some people i know personally, is on the "shit list" of an organization which recommends genocide and extermination of people they do not like, and that is enough for me to respect him (them).

Regarding Ms. Kahane putting foot on scene, it gave me to think. Jewish communities are not, so far I remember, (officially) outspoken about racist incidents in general, but they react strongly when one of their own is affected. This is why I conjecture that the victim of last weeks incident was a Falasha and not just an "ordinary" black person. The skins who assaulted him probably had no way of knowing this, though, and literally stepped into it.

Last but not least, I'm still interested in getting behind the raison d'etre of the skins.

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