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Name writes: "First, skins and their violent exploits are business-as-usual in .DE and for the most part nobody really cares, much less the police."

Nobody really cares, much less the police? It is business as usual? Are you sure? Does it reflect your personal experience?

Just curious.

"Tough luck and stay away from the bad parts of town could be a short resume of the stance of most Germans before the phenomenon."

There are no no-go-areas in Germany.

"Why does the CDU send some blonde bimbo (male specimen) before TV to state that the incident had nothing to do with racism ?"

The CDU didn't say that.

"Why is this incident so important that Kai Nehm himself gets involved?"

Because the crime committed (attempted racist murder) undermines the basic order of the country.

"And how come they show clips on TV showing some poor slobs with bags over their heads being transported around in helicopters?

The alledged criminals are not "poor slobs" and had to be flown to the federal HQ of the attorny's bureau of investigation which is situated outside the State of Brandenburg.

"I mean, WTF ? Violent racist incidents are probably everyday stuff for police, not only in Germany, stuff which the local cops and the Bezirksgericht take care of."

Attempted racist murder is not 'every day stuff' in Germany.

"Regarding the skinheads, I find it interesting that the German (and Austrian) authorities have never gotten the phenomenon under control."

What do you mean by "under control"?

"To contrast, the 'lefty' scene of radical thinkers and bigmouthes with little inclination towards violence was pretty much razed to the ground in the 1990's for far less and often on contrived accusations."

Care to elaborate?

"If I am correct in my assumptions/suspicions: why?"

Your assumptions are wrong.

"Also, regarding skins, they hang together in semi-formal groups, they have hierarchies, resources, their own sub-culture, ... All this needs money. Skins AFAIK hang around in groups but dont work much. Who finances them ? Why ?"

Skins don't have money. All they get is free beer (on the house) at NPD meetings.

"Skins are IMHO essentially terrorist groups who could easily be put out of business with existing legislation. Why does this not happen?"

Terrorist organisations? How so?

"As much as I deplore the legislation put out to "combat terrorism", the violent skins are a clear case for the use of such legislation. Why is this not happening?"

Because they are not terrorist organisations?

"So: what kind of interest political interest could there be for the skins to get access to training and probably other resources from .mil and other govt institutions ? Why does the German govt tolerate and probably support paramilitary/terrorist groups on its territory?"

The German govtmt does not support terrorist groups.

"Does anybody here know more about skins?"

Yes I do. Feel free to ask me more questions.

"The USA appears destined by fate to plague America with misery in the name of liberty." Simon Bolivar, Caracas, 1819

by Ritter on Tue Apr 25th, 2006 at 03:04:11 PM EST

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