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I think we're tired: I am. I'm tired of fighting the assumptions underlying the stories underlying this diary. Let's focus for a moment  on the options you provided in your poll:

.    The analysis is flawed, no change is required, and everything will be fine.     17%

This is slightly silly: clearly some change will be required, it always is. And the analysis is flawed.

.    Politicians will articulate the problem, and present a combination of programs involving benefit cuts, higher taxes, later retirement, and more debt. This will work well, with little disruption.     5%

This is both funny - politicians doing their job right! - and includes the assumption that the solutions presented form a basis for a solution.

.    Strikes will prevent adequate change, a fiscal crisis will develop as debt soars, the economy will falter. Change will be in a crisis mode, with extreme disruption.     11%

This encodes the lazy-reform-resisting-frogs-are-preventing-necessary-change assumption. The resistance is to piecemeal change imposed in accordance with dogma and underwritten by misrepresentations.

.    The above disruption scenario will occur, with similar episodes in other EU countries. The EU will disolve, as a result.     0%

Make that lazy-reform-resisting Europeans.

.    None of the above.     64%

The only one most of us can vote for.

You've even failed to clearly show that there is a real problem - the "problem" with US pensions and healthcare is arguably simple underfunding by ideologues who disapprove of welfare and taxation in any form though I'll leave it to the dKos people to go into the detail of that - I think boondad did a series on this that makes it clear that the problem is actually nowhere near as serious as presented by some people. As did Brad de Long if I recall properly.

by Colman (colman at eurotrib.com) on Wed Apr 5th, 2006 at 03:52:07 AM EST
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