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Yes, Berlusconi said that.

As in major elections everywhere there are OCSE observers.

There are conditions of potential fraud in four key regions where electronic voting has been introduced on an unwarranted emergency basis. However, in this case it would be Berlusconi who has the potential and the instruments to do it.

There are no proven cases of voter fraud by the left despite repetitive claims by B for the past 12 years.

As for the unjustified use of electronic voting, in the best of hypothesis it is merely a case of ripping off the state for 34 million euro by the usual croney contractors and sub-contractors such as Accenture. Judging by their activity in the States, we can expect the 34 million euro bill to double with chaos gauranteed. As for cases such as the Thompkins-Ohio-Accenture squandering of public funds, no problem. One of the vice-presidents of Accenture in Italy is the Minister of Interior's son. Votes are officialized by the Minister of the Interior. In Italy conflicts of interest don't exist.

Beyond that, Berlusconi is far behind in polls except for those published by his maitres à louer, the Anglo American PSB. According to this delirium, Berlusconi's loss will be due to voter fraud because his polls say he is in advantage.

We can expect further pandemonium after the elections as long as this mobster continues to detain his control over the media and much of parliament.

The IHS had a perfectly useless and superficial article on this aspect of the elections in the fifth of April edition.

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