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As, er -- is there any way of saying this without sounding puffed up and self-important? -- minor celebrities for 20+ years, we've been stalked, have received crazy letters, once from a guy in jail who thought he'd killed John Lennon, another from a guy whom at first we thought was a child, but turned not to be (oops) and was in a place "where they didn't let him have access to a typewriter" (I never inquired further) and the only thing I can say is, you get used to it.

99.99% is totally harmless if a bit disquieting, and can usually be dealth with a little common sense and basic empathy. Eventually, you can dine on some of your best stalking stories, like the one time we were stalked by a Doctor Who fan disguised as a cactus. I kid you not.

by Lupin on Sat Apr 8th, 2006 at 05:11:55 AM EST

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