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I am so sorry about what happened...
I have been thinking a lot about internet, blogs, that invisible medium that has been invented....to serve...ultimately... to whom...for what.
I was wondering why people has created the so called fifth estate, why they have seized to communicate in the real life (if not yet, they are about to do so) say over a cup of coffee or a cup of tea? Why children instead of playing outside in the fresh air prefer to sit in the dim internet cafes and chat or play virtual games? Why do their parents prefer to say what they want or have to say before the whole world instead of doing so before his/her wife/ husband? Why do they need to share their concerns with so many people they do not see, touch, and feel (is it only for the sake of intellectual debate)? Why they have created a medium where no one (really) knows anyone, why personal contact has seized to be so important? It will take months  (truly) to accept some one on a blog, but it will take only a minute even less, to feel the person sitting before you. Nowadays, people seem so close to one another, yet so far...  
The internet privacy where does it start or where does it end? Once my Professor, who is a respectable member of the ET community, has told in one of our class discussions that in order to build an internet credibility one should at a point of time reveals some personal information, which would show the rest of the members that he or she is willing to be part of the community and can be trusted, not someone who has just subscribed to say hello. Well what would happen if one decide not to share that piece of information, to keep it for himself/herself, because one does not want the whole world to learn about it, but at the same time to be granted a full membership? Does this not at a given moment make the whole purpose of the exercise meaningless?
I see that you are a community, very intelligent and liberal one. It is so nice that you can share your concerns, thoughts with a bunch of people who are going to engage in a discussion (true) that only the internet space allow. Yet, for the research I have engaged myself in,I would like to ask you if it was not for the ET ( or any other blog) where and to whom would you say that want you need to?
Global village...so true... One thinks that he/she is protected sitting on a chair in front of the computer writing sympathetic messages. Until one day someone does not ring on his or her door with the words "Hi, do you mind if I come in. I saw you on the internet and came to say hello."
Meet your future.
by Harlem on Sat Apr 8th, 2006 at 07:42:16 PM EST

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