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The first testflight of the A-380 on 27/04/2005 in Toulouse had a take-off weight of 480 tons. The plane is designed for a MTOW of 560 tonnes.  Safety demands a plane structure that remains intact at a 150% loadfactor(which can occur during flight, steep dive.....).  The static test for that purpose was succesfull , albeit there was a 3% miscalculation by the designers.  In that test , the wing-tips wer moved-up (hydraulically) more than 7 (seven) meters befor the first crack occured.
Testlights with 5 planes are ongoing, I do not now yet what was so far the maximum take off weight. Tests abraod for handling the big machine on airfields have been done with about 420 tonnes TOW. Max landing weight is 380 tonnes.

I have a super nice film here : How to build a A-380 in seven minutes!

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by Elco B (elcob at scarlet dot be) on Wed Apr 12th, 2006 at 08:20:19 AM EST
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Thanks Elco, incredible clip !

You owe it to yourself to visit the Airbus assembly halls in Toulouse. They have a "portes ouvertes" day. The size of these halls is such that from high up in the public area you just see motionless monsters, hardly any human activity, just here and there ant-like creatures going about their business. Quite impressive.

Makes one proud to be an European...

by balbuz on Wed Apr 12th, 2006 at 08:59:38 AM EST
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Cool video! Combining the best in European industrial propaganda ;-)

The A380 flew more than hundred (or is it already hundreds?) of test-flights, so that could long have included MTOW flights.

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