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Thanks for this! I remember being awed when the first photos appeared in newspapers of this giant. And yes, the Buran was superior to the Space Shuttle, sad thing it was dropped in the Yeltsin era.

BTW, a bit off-topic, I just read:

The European Aviation and Safety Agency (EASA) and the American Federal Aviation Administration, FAA gave their "seal of approval" to the successful A380 evacuation trial performed at Airbus' site in Hamburg, Germany, on Sunday, 26th March, during which 853 passengers and 20 crew members left the aircraft within 78 seconds. They herewith validated 853 as the maximum passenger seating capacity, for the A380-800.

As per regulation, the evacuation test was performed in complete darkness through only half of the 16 exits of the A380. The exits that had been selected by the Authorities to be operative were not known to any of the passengers and crew before the test.

...The evacuation test was the most stringent ever performed...


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