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And now I just blundered by informing some friends by email of this (I wanted to share my current gut emotion that people must live their lives fully, in the light of doubled bad news), and failing to note that for one of my friends on that list, today was the 3rd anniversary of her brother's death in a car accident (my email depressed her). I'm miles away from feeling like laughing, this diary sucks, and I think the world just sucks today and that I will direct my anger at anyone who tells me that they will be taking their car for a walkable distance today.

Fuck cars. I don't want any excuses of distance and what not. Take a fucking bus. Cars are killing us all, killing the trees, killing the Earth. Fuck cars.

Sorry, it just had to come out. I take that back. Ambulances, family trips, handicapped people etc etc I can think of a million decent reasons for people to drive cars. It just had to come out, sorry again.

by Alex in Toulouse on Mon May 15th, 2006 at 10:11:38 AM EST
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