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To me this reads like a cry from the wilderness. Yes, the government is over-run with Republicans--just like it was over-run with Democrats for a long time. Yes, the Supreme Court is stuffed with Republican appointees--just like it was stuffed with Democratic appointees for a long time. Yes, the Republicans have taken the lobbying to a new height of corruption, built on a solid foundation of Democratic corruption. Yes, the media is subservient and unquestioning, in its striving for profit--just like it has always been.

But the problem is that blaming it all on the Republicans completely misses the problem: The Democrats are just as bad.

There is a lot of hand-wringing about how terrible things are, yet there is NO willingness to actually move to a new party. There's lots of complaining about people like Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton because they don't toe the liberal line, but the fact is that they are the power in the Democratic party. On the one hand, blogs and other sources of politically correct communication blast Lieberman and Clinton every day, and yet on the other hand those same blogs also blast people like Ralph Nader as treasonous.

The fact is that there is not actually much support for liberal ideas like socialized health care, formal acceptance of gays, non-interventionist foreign policy, radical restructuring of energy policy, education reform, etc. Until Americans become willing to support an openly liberal party, the struggle will continue.

by asdf on Wed May 17th, 2006 at 08:36:22 AM EST

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