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I've to take issue on that one, afew. Even while Hirsi Ali is an "one issue" woman, she has done tremendous work in the Netherlands to map out the structural flaws within the Islam society in the Netherlands and later on within the Islam itself. Now, on the latter, I think she's starting to head into a direction I do not particularly favour, and she has never been a tremendously gifted politician, but no one can fault her for not trying. But for the Netherlands as a nation, it is bad riddance, even while it was becoming inevitable she'd choose an even larger stage eventually.

But I'd sincerely believe that a self-made free-thinker as Hirsi Ali would be much better at place here in Europe than surrounded by the arch conservatives in the United States, a country with a very low Islam minority. In fact, I would not be surprised that the people within the AEI are suddenly faced with internal dilemma's themselves: I read that Ayaan for instance promoted pre-marriage, safe sex for women in Islamic countries, an issue which is at complete odds with the conservative christian moral dominant through the AEI! There is every bit of potential fireworks with her next move. The story of Hirsi Ali is far from being over and she remains in my opinion a person whose movements and writings should be closely tracked.

by Nomad on Wed May 17th, 2006 at 09:05:42 AM EST
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