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But this makes her even more attractive to neocons. An apostate Ay-rab! Why, even Arabs think their fellow Arabs are such dangerous brutes, they need to be exterminated at every turn! She is going to be the darling of the Malkin/Sullivan/O'Reilly/Friedman set!

Of course, "she could be killed for that alone." But you could look at this another way: isn't her stand evidence that at least some Arab politicians/thinkers are brave enough to risk death in the struggle for rights most Europeans (and Americans) take for granted?

That was my point: it seems that all we ever hear coming out of Europe these days is support for the neocon notion that (all) Arabs/Muslims, not (just) the fundamentalists, are the new "Communists."

by Matt in NYC on Wed May 17th, 2006 at 08:31:01 PM EST
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I understand better now, thanks. And if true you're only hearing only European thinkers in line with the (pratically racist) Muslims equals Bad dogma, something is, say, imbalanced in the news. Certainly in the Netherlands there is a strong camp of intellectuals and politicians appeasing the line of Hirsi Ali and beside the few radical racists like Geert Wilders and some of the dregs of the party of Pim Fortuyn, there are practically no politicians who'd share that nation. How in the name could they? Most parties have muslim representatives.

I really think that the USA not having a muslim minority is a reason why this neocon idea can spread publicly without so little clamour or protest: there is no integrated brake by an assimilated muslim culture. It is really getting a "us here, them there" theme.

Hisri Ali could become the darling of the rightwing pundits, but only if they would just selectively use her (and they are selective, so who knows). Bill O'Reilly wil probably explode if Hirsi Ali will say that "Season's Greetings!" is really the right thing to say, instead of Merry Christmas. No to mention she won't get chummy with the likes of Pat Robertson by promoting pre-marriage sex for women, like I mentioned upthread... Nor, I suspect, will she get good friends with Cheney's wife, who (I read) has been distributing anti-feminist papers from the AEI, while one of Hirsi Ali's best friends is the frontwoman of the feminist movement in the Netherlands... On several aspects, Hirsi Ali does not fit within the AEI at all with wath her history shows us.

by Nomad on Thu May 18th, 2006 at 05:47:27 AM EST
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It's going to be fascinating to watch. I don't know enough about Hisri Ali to predict how she'll behave under Neocon pressure/seduction, but her seeming willingness to work for the American Enterprise Institute is NOT a good omen. And she may simply disappear from public view if she isn't willing to say the "right" things on Fox and CNN. Americans do not like complex "characters" on their media.

To be continued ....

by Matt in NYC on Thu May 18th, 2006 at 08:47:42 AM EST
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