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But this makes her even more attractive to neocons. An apostate Ay-rab! Why, even Arabs think their fellow Arabs are such dangerous brutes, they need to be exterminated at every turn! She is going to be the darling of the Malkin/Sullivan/O'Reilly/Friedman set!

Of course, "she could be killed for that alone." But you could look at this another way: isn't her stand evidence that at least some Arab politicians/thinkers are brave enough to risk death in the struggle for rights most Europeans (and Americans) take for granted?

That was my point: it seems that all we ever hear coming out of Europe these days is support for the neocon notion that (all) Arabs/Muslims, not (just) the fundamentalists, are the new "Communists."

by Matt in NYC on Wed May 17th, 2006 at 08:31:01 PM EST
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