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Very thoughtful analysis.

I suspect the roots of the problem goes back further into American history than you have followed it. I seem to recall reading that when America took over Spanish colonies after the Spanish-American War there were those who claimed that an empire was inconsistent with the institutions of the Republic.

Indeed the way American troops treated the Filipinos a century or so ago seems to be more ruthless than the methods being used today, although in the early 20th century no one saw the need to turn the United States itself into a national security state.

by Gary J on Wed May 17th, 2006 at 02:58:04 PM EST

I'd say it goes back to the very founding of the Republic and the refusal to face the slavery issue and to even consider the Native Americans as citizens or persons of equal worth.

That said, the issue with the Republicans in particular begins with the Cold War.  Before then, the party was primarily isolationist, and pro small government.  The Cold War jump started the worst elements of their party which had been out of power for 20 years until Eisenhower's election.  Eisenhower was a moderate, but he also acquiesced in much of the rhethoric directed at Democrats, including his refusal to disown McCarthy's remarks about George Marshall, his mentor and superior in WW2.

by Steven D on Wed May 17th, 2006 at 03:25:10 PM EST
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