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Shit you know, it just didn't work out on my end. I bought an early Paris ticket before Britanny just to get to this this meeting and ended up missing it, it's not good.
I got up early enough though, next to a dog and to my Sri Lankan friend, in the 19th district of Paris (friend's place near metro Ourcq), but then closed my eyes again (heavy hangover). When I finally got up, it was noon, I showered, clipped my nails to look smart, chose the most politically incorrect teeshirt, and got all set up to go, but was still fully hung over. My SL friend was emerging, my host friend was barely emerging. After my and my SL friend's shower it was nearly 2pm, I still had to cross Paris entirely, and I was feeling out and fucked, so when I saw this thread I thought "oh man, they're having a full lunch, where will I fit", and my SL friend was coming out with a list of things to do on his last day in Paris, so I basically gave up/chickened out.
I feel bad (and I'm still up now cause I just saw my SL friend through to his airport taxi -ie just now) and I'm still in a fully festive mood (can't help it, it's Paris).
So if anyone is still around Paris tomorrow and in the mood for something else, like a nice kick back in a lounging chair in these parts of Paris, email me on the following address then I'll give you my hosting friend's telephone number (froglex at free dot fr) so we can meet up!!!
by Alex in Toulouse on Sun May 21st, 2006 at 12:13:25 AM EST

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