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You're a durable extremist, De... Not everyone wants a waterless toilet... and I hope I can make you consider the position that for the Netherlands there is really no scarcity in water... Durable is fine, but it can come in different degrees in my book, depending on the differences in environment. You're not going to see me denounce waterless toilets in arid areas. There was an interesting project in Utah to safe water I read on in 2002 when I was there, but of course I threw it away. I won't be surprised if waterless toilets are the bomb over there.

And you're not going to make plumbers happy campers with your suggestions either, although I see a commercial opportunity in introducing weekly "Bucket Turners", coming at your place once a week to "relieve" the faeces buckets.

I've been too long disconnected from my lectures on natural element cycles to remember on magnesium, so you have the point there.

In practically every nature-oriented culture, (human) waste has been incorporated within the lifestyle; it makes so much more sense to stop seeing it as waste-only.

On the wind noise topic, did you see this reply?

by Nomad (Bjinse) on Tue May 23rd, 2006 at 07:03:28 PM EST
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