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For me, The New York Times is often not a reputable source, and I suspect one could make a lot of money on investments (especially gold) doing the opposite of what a highly-regarded London paper suggests in it's columns.

LaRouche forecast the collapse of the Soviet Union some five or six years before the fact (He said five and it was six), and everyone said that was nuts. He does fairly well regarding U.S. politics too:

Jan. 3, 2001:
"LaRouche compared the situation to that which existed in Germany on February 28, 1933, when the famous Notverordnung [emergency decree] was established. Operating on the basis of rulings by Carl Schmitt, a famous pro-Nazi German jurist, the emergency act gave the state power to designate which part of its own population were "enemies," and to imprison and/or execute them, freely."

"Calling the Ashcroft nomination a deliberate provocation, LaRouche said, "If the Democratic Party and decent Republicans do not combine to throw that nomination back in the face of the nominator, this Congress isn't worth anything. That is, because it will have surrendered its dignity."

And that page refers to the full answer to a Congressional Black Caucus question, which includes:

"We're going into a period in which either we do the kinds of things I indicated in summary to you today, or else, what you're going to have, is not a government. You're going to have something like a Nazi regime. Maybe not initially at the surface. What you're going to have is a government which cannot pass legislation, meaningful legislation. How does a government which cannot pass meaningful legislation, under conditions of crisis, govern? They govern, in every case in known history, by what's known as crisis management.

LaRouche was doing a live radio interview on the morning of September 11, 2001 and he got a lot of things right during that too.

I think he and his colleagues are worth listening to, but I do hope security at the World Cup is successful in controlling all situations that might arise.


by Gary McGowan on Mon May 29th, 2006 at 02:38:51 AM EST
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