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Results of provincial and administrative votes held throughout Italy this weekend indicate a solid victory of the center-left coalition. Of the eight provinces up for elections the center-left widened their previous margins of victory in the four provinces they governed and won over Reggio Calabria by a 58,6% win. In the three provinces that remained in the hands of the right-wing the margins of victory were greatly reduced, just barely keeping Pavia with 50,3%. Imperia is the only province where the rightwing results remained unvaried.

In mayoral elections the center-left has won by substantial margins in all major cities except Milan where the ex-Minister of Education, Letizia Moratti, is wining by 52%.

The center-left candidate for mayor of Naples Rosa Russo Iervolino is holding a margin of 56,8%. She has announced she has gathered further proof of voter fraud by the Camorra and intends to take evidence to the Procura in the next days.

Regional elections were also held in the autonomous Sicilian Region where the rightwing coalition confirmed its death hold on civil society. Final results for the Sicilian presidency give Kissy-kiss Cuffaro at 53,1% against Rita Borsellino's 42,2%. In the previous presidential elections Cuffaro garnered 59,1%. Cuffaro's scandal racked administration that saw his closest collaborators arrested for association with the mafia has been ostracised by the international community for the past year. With the exception of certain parlours in New York City, Cuffaro is avoided by local authorities abroad. To ad-lib The Economist, Cuffaro is unfit to govern Sicily.

Last Friday an anonymous roman à clef, Il Broglio (The Fraud), was published. The thinly veiled story details how the incumbent ruler, called the Cannibal, rigged the national elections last April. Many of the possibilities for voter fraud have been reported here these past months. One of the anomalies is  the disappearance of "blank ballots" in communities governed by the rightwing or organized crime. There is a physiological level of blank ballots on the order of 6% to 8% in all national elections. This level was confirmed as a constant in April for most of the national territory except for the above mentioned communities.

The electoral law passed by the Cannibal's coalition created the conditions for this possibility by reforming electoral officials' lists and abolishing the previous norm that established that electoral officials must be representative of the voter population. The law also reduced the number of electoral officials for each section from six to four members. In other words, electoral officials could only be chosen from a list of people who had signed up in 2005 by November and they could all be from one coalition. The law was passed during the Christmas holidays. In the month of November the Cannibal's party had surreptitiously exhorted its followers to register as electoral officials. According to the novel the president and vice-president of rightwing voter sections filled in the blank ballots overnight between the two election days, thus reducing the "blank ballot" percentage to a statistically anomalous level.

Considering that all official polls and all international betting companies gave the center-left as winning with a margin of 5% with a tendency to widen the spread, the book does raise doubts. Did the Cannibal steal the elections but not quite pull it off?

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