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thankyou so, so much, dodo and de anander.

this depth and professionalism in this study blow me away.

the horror of chernobyl has been swept under the media rug, just as pictures of hiroshima and nagasaki were forbidden to be shown after ww2.

we are manipulating matter in ways better left to science fiction, and the blowback is unconscionable.

the pictures slam the point home, and still we do not feel the hell those families feel, as we thought we were at a 'safe' distance...

and the numbers are royally fudged, as per.

the biggest myth of all is that in democracies, elected officials serve the interests of the people, by default.

nowhere is this discrepancy between myth and reality so painfully, glaringly obvious as it is in the behaviour of the nuclear industry, and its fiendish cousin the armament industry.

the insane numbers of missiles stockpiled from the 50's onwards should have clued us in on how fearful folly had grasped the wheel from sober reason, and in our panicky over-reach for verticality we had created a behemoth of greed and callous soul-lessness, as ugly as the skyscrapers, also symbols of similar compensatory projections.

easter island, anyone?

this delusional mentality is seen in the face and expression of hayden, the suggested replacement for goss.

rigid.....brainwashed.... possessed.

botpeople, reptilebrain-dominant walking landmines of chaos masked as its polar opposite of disciplined order, like rummy saying that of course he knew where the wmd's were: they were n. and s. and e. and w. of tikrit!

and the media faithfully stenoed down these crackhead ravings, and addlebrained voters nodded knowingly as they felt safer, at least he sounds like he knows what he's talking about....or something!

and now we're taught to believe we're backed into a corner because we didn't make enough noise in the right places these last 30 years...

and greenpeace is remiss because they don't know what to do with the waste!

should they shut up till then?

until they suss out how to undo what others had done?

how to reclose pandoras's box?

it's not about dissing nuclear power...it's about spreading the real truth about people who have hijacked the atom and made it the icon of hubris, mengelian destructiveness and deceit it has become.

bulls in a genetic china shop!

and yes conservation is the equal prong in the argument, and immediately addressable, at micro or macro levels.

indeed it's the linchpin to understanding how we may live in an ecologically respectful and appropriate manner, to avoid ending up the last chapter in j. diamond's collapse, on easter planet, starving and deformed at the feet of our stupid phallic golems and radioactive ghost towns!

what my intellectual ignorance confined me to feeling in my gut and on my 'skintuition', this diary had fleshed out and validated, along with my faith that this website will stay firmly on course for a wiser shore, where aberrant, and abhorrent nightmare scenarios like future chernobyls would never even make it onto the project table, let alone into rational, (with nuclear there is no more 'national') public or private energy policies.

and where good news about wind, tide and sun power will eventually reach and teach us.

thanks again for continuing to raise the blogbar so admirably!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sun May 7th, 2006 at 10:22:04 PM EST

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