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 Are you referring to his remark cited here:

"It's too early to judge of his supposed greyness or greatness because he did not make choice of his life yet.  All great leaders give their nations sense of mission for decades. Russia today does not know who is its enemy - The West, only US, China, Iran or other. What steps Russia should take, what countries may be natural allies in fulfilling this strategy nobody knows. Very probably this strategy already exists in Putin's mind, but it was not made public for obvious reason - it's not appropriate time yet.


 I took that to refer to the matter referred to as "greyness".  Perhaps it also means that it's too soon to say what Poutine would aspire to as a legacy for the nation.  I don't know.

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by proximity1 on Mon May 8th, 2006 at 11:41:08 AM EST
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