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Top 6 most trusted:

Putin 40%
Shoygu (Minister of Emergency Situations) 18%
Zhirinovsky (Duma vice-speaker) 12%
Ivanov (Minister of Defence) 10%
Luzhkov (regional governor) 9%
Tuleev (regional governor) 7%

Top 6 least trusted:

Chubais (head of state energy company) 22%
Zhirinovsky (Duma vice-speaker) 16%
Zuganov (communist leader) 13%
Yeltsin (ex-president) 12%
Berezovsky (ex-National Security Advisor, oligarch) 12%
Abramovich (regional governor, oligarch) 9%

Will vote for the president:

Zhirinovsky 18%
Medvedev 18%
Ivanov 17%
Zuganov 16%
Glaz'ev 7%
Ryzhkov 5%
Rogozin 5%
Kas'janov 4%
Javlinsky 4%

according to Levada Center, in Russian.

I think of those US call Ryzhkov, Kas'janov and Javlinsky "democrats".

As for Luzhkov, speculation is that he'll step down before 2008 and will retire with his wife's billions.

by blackhawk on Wed May 10th, 2006 at 04:17:32 AM EST
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