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I just picked up you message. It's been raining (the literal version) all weekend here in Massachusetts so no need to be sorry to add rain here. The is no question that French colonial history as is it is taught in French schools today leaves a lot to be desired with the history of San Domingue/Haiti being a key example. Thanks for the addition. My first novice diary at ET, although not about Haiti, was about this issue of colonial history. More to come in my Bordeaux diary (which is taking longer to finish).

As for the "PC remembrance initiative largely criticised because of it's bigoted slant" there were indeed controversies over the commemorations and how to commemorate. For local activist in Bordeaux who have been working for several years to shine a light on the slave trade past of that port and have had remembrances for the past 9 years I think the national push was a welcome one to shine more light on the subject. However, it, in of itself, is not an end but a means to an end.

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