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A federate England would be the best solution however I don't believe the debate is headed that way. There seems to be an upswing in both anti-Scottish sentiment from England and an upswing in Anti-English sentiment from the  Scots at the moment. Whether this bodes well for the future I am not sure. However, I do believe that matters are about to come to a head; quite possible as early as next year.

From The Scotsman: http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=861712006

In the first of the meetings, both held last Monday, Mr McConnell is understood to have told Mr Blair that the SNP could do real harm to Labour in Scotland in 2007.

"This meeting was about updating the Prime Minister on the threat from the SNP and discussing the political strategy required to meet it," said one source yesterday.

Private Labour polling leaked last month suggested Labour could lose as many as 12 seats next year, jeopardising its control of the Executive.

While some Scottish Labour MPs and MSPs privately believe that Mr Blair has become a liability who should quit before May, Mr McConnell's aides insist he did not discuss the resignation issue with the Prime Minister.

The first thing the Scottish National Party will demand is a referendum on the Union. Something that will, at the very least, unnerve the Spanish government and send the Spanish right batshit crazy.

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