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Unsolicited advice - if you can read in Russian - check www.newsru.com or many other internet resources. www.moscowtimes.com and www.kommersant.ru are good for English articles. NYT and FT and Le Monde are usually printing nonsense or determinedly biased articles that may give the flavour of Western attitudes towards Russia and nothing more.

About Motorola incident - this story was developing in spring before Putin's campaign against corruption in Customs.
I don't remember exactly what was the deal about and may recall wrongly but overall it was avout save facing exercises. Officials sized Euroset imported phones on suspicion of contraband because of irregularities in documents. One might suspect covert demands of paybacks from Euroset. Then they found documents were right, however origin of phones - Brazil was still suspicious for Motorola has no factories in that country. Thereafter custom officials could not substantiate their claims though anyone sensible already realized Euroset was indulged in grey imports (probably Chinese phones were reimported through Brazil). Customs hastily arranged non verified expertise on violation of safety standards and rushed to destroy mobile sets. All process was in great details was publicized by Russian media, this is another rebuff for critics accusing Russian press in lack of freedom.
One may only wonder about motives behind recovering such old stories by Western press now. Westerners usually give some facts and spin them around convenient anti Russian lines of thought.    

by FarEasterner on Wed Jun 14th, 2006 at 08:07:08 PM EST
I don't think you really have to wonder too much about the NYT's movtives, given the recent wave of bad press they've been throwing at Russia.

Is Euroset a branch or division of Motorola, then?  If not, than the article is completely misleading as well as being vague and incomprehensible, because it gave the impression that Motorola was the "victim" in this situation.

Thanks for the advice on the sites - I was not of the opinion that the NYT was terribly reliable on Russian news, but I did not know of any better English-language sources, and Russian is beyond me.

by Zwackus on Wed Jun 14th, 2006 at 09:18:29 PM EST
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