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As is often the case the French case is a little more complex than I presented but there is only so much I could put into a diary, even a three part Diary.

The 1716 ruling by the king which extended the code noir to the metropole of France required approval by regional parliaments. The Nantes area approved it but in Paris there was resistance and it was never fully ratified there if I'm not mistaken. According to what I read this Paris resistance was more a result of rivalries between different factions then due to the issues of human rights. The Robert Harms book I reference in the diaries has quite a bit of interesting detail on this period. As with the case you mention in England there where contestations of the slavery laws. One famous case is a Black Woman who decided to join a religious order of nuns and her "owner" objected but lost the case in a court ruling based on the technicality that the "owner" had not registered their "property" upon entry in France and thus lost their claim on the new nun.

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