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Good grief, what a fine piece of research this was. I stand by my original claim: I'm all for it to have a constant circulation of open consultations every month at ET. Find yourself a back-up (or two) when you are unable to do it yourself. We've been discussing activating this blog and this seems a more than excellent stepping stone to me.

Having read through the present consultations, I've at least 4 where my palms get itchy: European Transparency Initiative, Biofuels, fuel efficiency from cars and the vitamins and minerals in foodstuffs stick out for me, personally. I don't me becoming a rally point for one of them - I'd go with Biofuels. It also matches with my own time scheme - I'm probably off line for a while after July 12.

by Nomad on Mon Jun 19th, 2006 at 05:20:50 PM EST

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