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Right. I seem to have been treading like a bull on acid on this subject - and with your last post the penny finally dropped.

Let's see. 1) I read poemless diary some two weeks ago, but I should immediately add that I was skimming it and never followed the links. That particular weekend I was gone somewhere else myself, and the week after I wasn't allowed the time to digest new diaries properly. The eXile didn't register with me at all - I simply had not heard of it before.

  1. Even with several hints dropped when Helen brought up the essay as posted on Alternet (dated 1 June, which threw me off) I didn't make the connection that it had been covered by poemless first.
  2. Only now in this thread I finally get it.

So, my regrets for the frustration, if that is of any consolation to you, poemless. What can I say? I'm naive like that. I've added your diary in my introducing text as a meagre form of compensation...

It does seem to show that the essay is able to rouse people independently...

by Nomad on Sat Jun 3rd, 2006 at 07:05:01 AM EST
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