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Actually, this is not the result of the Bush administration. USGS and EIA have always been "Gosplan" like dinosaurs, denying US oil peak 40 years ago, and then again for several years after it had actually happened. They've just always been PR agencies for US oilcos. But there are still interesting research work being done in the "lower branches" of the DoE, in the real labs like Livermore. It just never makes it to the press with the seal of the white house on it, it's only in science papers and deep down the their web archives.

In the same kind of funny tone, I just dug out from my father's old papers: "Energy Future: the report from the Harvard Business School to the US government, original 1979 edition, edited by, among others, Daniel Yergin (LOL)". Back cover says their conclusion is "conserve and go solar America !". Yergin has somewhat changed his pitch since then (had to find a better paying master than academia ?? I can sympathize...). I think I'm gonna read it this summer on the beach, so the chicks around will wonder why this nerd is laughing out so loud.

by Pierre on Fri Jun 23rd, 2006 at 04:11:03 AM EST
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