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She's also stealing the bread of Sarkotte with new incursion on his territory (like "convicted foreigners shoult be ousted out of the country after jail" a.k.a. "double sentencing", which Sarkozy abolished to gain some moral higher ground on the left...).

And also traditional lefty nonsense like "the GSP is bad because we need huge deficits to invest in the future" (when all of France's deficit is structural, just budgetary indiscipline and clientelism, little investment there). That there are a few buzz-words and signals ringing bells here is no clear indication to me that any candidate really his new blood. And those signals don't make it through the MSM filter anyway: they're all about diverting the masses from the real problems with such side-issues as the gay marriage (which nobody cares about except the gay themselves, and probably everybody believes it's a waste of time to spend so much MP time changing laws to give them more legal guarantees of rights they already have de facto in our liberal society ... at least I do think it's a waste of time we should postpone for better days, but I must be reactionary)

I don't know what to think of this campaign: both candidates are total super-spinners saying hard-left and hard-right nonsense at the same time to cover the whole spectrum of voters. And I don't know what the voters will think of it. Only thing I'm pretty sure about: going this way, Le Pen will be on the 2nd round if he lives that old...


by Pierre on Fri Jun 23rd, 2006 at 05:26:27 AM EST

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