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In fact, yesterday the Dutch parliament was unable to pass through a proposal to start an experiment with governmentally regulated cannabis production, to cut off illegal cannabis factories that have been sprouting everywhere. Right now, the Dutch policy on soft-drugs is nothing short of schizophrenic: they condone purchase and smoking of soft-drugs, but pursue a zero-tolerance on the growth of cannabis and the selling of it to drugshops... It's enough to make you head spin 360 degrees.

Now in a weasselly move, the right-wing liberal VVD party decided to play nice with the government (of which they're part). The parliamentary proposal was in a direct collision course with Minister of Justice, Donner, who has been a strident opponent of anything that looks like legalisation, also claiming it would be unacceptable within the European framework. He threatened to resign if parliament would push through. Opposition parties PvdA (Labour) and others who've been working for nearly a year on the experimental project are, unsurprisingly, furious.

by Nomad on Sat Jun 24th, 2006 at 05:01:48 AM EST
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