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You are right in everything you said but if you know Serbs you'll know that we are hardly rational people.
And with Kosovo emotions are high. I personally visited Kosovo once in my entire life and that one time I was actually forced to go there because my husband was in the army (conscript). Being from Belgrade, I felt like I am not in my own country (more like Middle east)  and I did not feel safe at all ( it was 1977) or welcomed in any way. I have no any ties with Kosovo but even I feel it is ours...
You are perfectly right, it's not realistic but...as I said Serbs are used to waiting for historical chances keeping the idea alive through generations.
" C'erac'emo se josh"...is untranslatable and means something like "we'll storm each other yet again".
I tend to think that the least problematic of current options would be a large scale concerted and consensual redrawing of borders in the Balkans, affirming minority rights, repatriation of refugees and granting autonomous status to various population groups (as stated briefly here).
Oh my friend this is a real pipedream ...never happened in history...never ever ...and will not happen.

The EU train (if it ever arrives) is still pretty far off; don't wait for it to arrive too soon, because you'll be disappointed.
As for me personally I don't even believe EU will survive long enough to see anybody really benefit from it but westerners ...but if it somehow manage to become anything apart from economic union there is no chance that they can afford to have such big "hole" at such a strategic place...so count Serbs in. Informally they are in even today in many ways (I don't think I even like it, but I am pretty far away to have right to complain).
With independence of Kosovo, Europe is going to definitely open Pandora's Box...With provocation of Balkan wars and partition of Yugoslavia Europe and USA already opened it slightly. Don't forget that these are prosperous times for EU , USA but they can't last for ever without crises...and for this kinds of matters one's life time is to short...Who would have tell that in my life time I'll see collapse of USSR and eastern block ? Or Germans and Japanese after WWII being not just partners but "in bed" together with USA and Western Europe...I would never bet in politic...

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein

by vbo on Sat Jul 1st, 2006 at 11:10:08 AM EST
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