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I want to thank you for your effort Sirocco. It really is a huge effort to try to explain this situation fairly...if that's possible at all.
For those of you here who never have known Serbs or who had no chance to personally get to their basics I can only say that we could be very passionate and grateful friends to others but as we have no "forgive and forget" button we are also very passionate enemies. As I explained before, for generations we are passing emotions that were triggered long long time ago. That's why we never see the end of our animosities with others and we have a say to our enemies that goes something like:" We'll have another battle waiting in front of us yet" And we are patient. We waited 500 years to see Ottomans go home. And despite all the terror we are still there...Very stubborn people that will suffer, and cheat and practically do anything for what they believe in. And we believe Kosovo is ours. We can differentiate about the way we need to go to achieve the goal but we all, up and down to the last one, believe that Kosovo is ours and that Albanians being reality, can only be our guests there...guests in our house.
Well, at this point it does not look things are going in our favor but hey, we have a centuries in front of us. We'll wait and see what will come out of these latest western experiments. We made a house "in the middle of the road" and even if Europe wants it, it just can't ignore us...it's not in their economic and strategic interest. We'll be a part of bloody EU sooner or later even if there will never be "love" between us after NATO bombardment. But hey we also have our interests...
In the main time reality is that Kosovo and Albanians there,  are actually your problems now, my brothers from EU and USA and NATO...Good luck with them!

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by vbo on Thu Jun 29th, 2006 at 01:35:53 AM EST

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