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Nice rant but...from an outsider/lurker point of view, a little misguided.
This forum has members who range from mover-and-shaker types like Jerome (and from what you say, yourself) to intellectuals like Migeru. The ambiance is much more like walking into the middle of a heated philosophical discussion at an interesting cafe than the political convention that is Kos. FWIW, both are necessary in that it's hard to make concrete decisions without a lot of sound input, both practical and theoretical; but once that knowledge is gained, action should be taken to put that information to work.
From a personal standpoint, I find it difficult to join in a majority of conversations on ET because I'm simply not qualified to comment. Where I came from, I had a broad understanding of the culture and enough specialized knowledge of many issues to contribute positively to the progressive dialogue. I was known by most of the players on the political scene, and even counted some of them as friends so my opinion was trusted, and furthermore it mattered.
Since moving to England, I find that a lot of the issues this country is dealing with are subtly different, the way that the media deals with them is biased in unfamiliar ways. The attitude of "the man on the street" and its relation to both the political system and the way the media portrays it is also ambiguous. Until I have a better understanding of both this culture and that of greater Europe, it behooves me to keep on lurking rather than taking actions which are naive or misguided.
Your input as an activist is valuable and appreciated, but then so is that of the posters who offer observation, analysis, and even snark.
by northsylvania on Fri Jun 30th, 2006 at 06:17:26 AM EST

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