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Okay, guilty of cynicism. Hands raised high in the air, it's my gift. My only gift.

Actually no, my cynicism is rooted in a set of moral values that is disgusted by the venality of egotistical politicians. I believe in Government, in the power of the will of the people harnessed to do good. I test every idea and act against its power to do good, or at least do no harm. I try to make that my gift.

But a protagonist ? I wish. I imagined once I had sound ideas, that from reading Kos and Digby and Harry's Place and others sillier than I dare admit I had a handle on what was going on. Then I ran into these guys. Now I sit back and enjoy the fireworks of real thinking in action.

Half the time I'm constrained from diarising cos I'm terrified that it will just be ignored. Politely, but well ya know. Of course the other half is that actually I'm not engaged enough to have that much to say.

But no protagonists ? Sir, ye jest !! Jerome is changing the nature of energy debate in the USA. If that ain't significant leadership, well grasshopper, what you seek is not here.

We're young, we're trying. This is a diffuse community spread across many countries who may not share an agenda, but we share the common strand of brave, militant, unapologetic liberalism that underpins everything here. David Sirota describes its emergence in the US as the tell-tale signs of a true progressive populist movement emerging.

Well it's happening here too, we are part of that movement. Maybe we will not be first among equals, but all streams run to the sea eventually. I am excited to be here, you could be too.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Thu Jun 29th, 2006 at 04:31:55 PM EST


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